Audacious: Thriving Through Trauma


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This book highlights Doreen’s amazing journey by narrating her inner thoughts in poetic prose. In her writings, she also honours 20 women who have assisted her as she supported them. It is a book that will encourage women to think about their lives, enabling them to inspire and empower themselves and others.

Doreen was very young when she lost her mother and for nearly 45 years she experienced trauma that led to many painful situations. Having cancer led her to retire early from her career. She became an ordained minister as well as a public speaker whilst on the road to recovery. She has supported many females of all ages across diverse backgrounds and cultures who have experienced losing their mother and bridging the generation gap of the missing pieces as they required as a mother figure.

Doreen has survived and thrived through trauma and now wants to help others achieve their freedom towards a healthy, wealthy state of wellbeing to achieve their goals. This book is the first step towards that goal.

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