Become a Personal Development Mentor

Here it is what you have been asking for in my back channel, our mentoring teaching programme.

Do you want to become a mentor? Would you like to help others develop them to be the best they can be? Well, here is an opportunity for you to follow your dreams.

As a qualified teacher with 30 years experience a number of years as a Senior leader, mentoring parents, teachers and students, I will be teaching and giving tips on how you can become a mentor in your chosen field. If you’re interested, please register using the link and share with others. There will be an opportunity to invest in yourself over the coming weeks for further teachings and tips on mentoring.

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1) Navigate the Calendar via the Month Switcher at the top.

2) Click a date with a 'Blue Dot' to show what event is happening on that day.

3) To load the event page, click on the name of the event in which has now popped up.

4) Click Register on the Page.

5) Fill in your details and continue to checkout.

6) Await the Zoom link to be sent to your email.

If you require additional help, please contact Doreen by clicking here.