About Audacious Mentoring Solutions

Audacious Mentoring Solutions was founded by Doreen Taylor. She provides bespoke solutions for professionals, that will enhance their lifestyle balance. Doreen is a retired teacher with a B.Ed honours degree. She has 30 years experience in teaching and mentoring. Her expertise provides professionals a safe environment to discuss, share, identity their needs and change their lifestyle habits, improving their well-being. The mission of Audacious Mentoring Solutions is to support and gently manoeuvre professionals towards a wholistic approach of their lifestyle by using unique techniques that are life transforming. The various processes can be created before, during and after each session /programme by working closely with each individual to : “Reinvent, Reset and Rebirth” their thought life to obtain realistic goals. Methods used, are to assist and provide the clientele with the necessary tools and resources to renew their relationships with/for themselves, family and positively impact their wider community. As a mentor /life coach , public speaker and award winning author, Doreen personifies her brand and brings all her life skills into play to aid in bringing forth the best outcome for her clients.