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Cornwall, and Prince William

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I am deeply passionate about helping you heal from trauma so you can live free, healthy and victorious. I will provide you with the strategies and solutions that will unlock your true destiny so you can evolve into the person you were meant to be. Happy fulfilled and thriving!


Thriving Development Programme

If you are experiencing the effects of losing your mother at any age (through death, your mother leaving home, or you were placed in care or abandoned or neglected), suffered from any cancer, losing a child in any capacity, physical, mental or emotional abuse, fatigue, insomnia, and much more, I am here to help you heal.

The Thriving Development Programme will Transform your life

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About Me

I am a former Assistant Principal in an academy in London. I was diagnosed with Hodgkinson Lymphoma cancer of the white blood cells, in 2008. Whilst recovering, I soon discovered that I had to make some changes by moving my thinking from what I once did, to what I would be capable of doing to prepare a new future. I transformed my life by turning my challenging situation into a positive experience.