Audacious Mentoring solutions present. The Narcissist, The Kingdom and I.

We will be covering: Knowing Your Predator, Supply, Select Demand of your predator and Trauma Bonding . Plus the difference between a Narcissist and Narcissistic Personality Disorder that appears in different kingdoms: Business, Home, Religious Institutions and the work place. It is all about them and not YOU. It’s about devaluing YOU to build them. YOU and Your purpose need to THRIVE!!!!

Your Bespoke Lifestyle Balance Consultant

We at Audacious Mentoring Solutions, provide professional mentoring and mentoring training.  We provide and apply methods of operation to assist you along your journey. Equipping you to become wealthy and healthy enabling you to develop. This is to aid you the professional to become tranquil, complete and move from where you are, to where you want to be established in all areas of your life. 

What We Offer:

Profesional Bespoke Mentoring and Training Services
Prices from:

One off 1:1 session £180

Solution based strategy provided

12 week session from £350 (Per month)

Survey provided to discover your specific needs: Brainstorming, Weekly Evaluation, Practical Strategies. 

Mentoring Training: 

Six week 2 hour group sessions.

Package includes: 

Role of a mentor, Types of mentors, Skills, Character, Knowledge, Purpose of mentoring, Building trust, Insight on how to design courses

£750 per person

VIP 1:1 Mentoring training eight week 1 1/2 hour sessions. 

Includes personal mentoring and mentoring training. 

Package Includes: 

Planning course programmes, Role of a mentor, Types of mentors, Boundaries between mentor and mentee, Skills, Character, Knowledge, Purpose of mentoring, Guide to listening, Building trust, Insight on how to design courses, Timed lesson plans, Actions plans, Evaluation Sheets , Contracts

Prices from £1500

We Utilise These  Tools

Autobiography Timeline

You will be encouraged to use your own lifeline/timeline using the 26 letters of the alphabet in any order, to support and get understanding for the changes you desire. This method is to find the best solution to assist you to balance you and your lifestyle. Gently uncovering the issues and providing a bespoke solution.

Narrative Writing/Voice Activation

Allowing you to write your thoughts down on paper then read aloud what you have written. The idea is for you to see what you have written, and hear the words spoken from your own lips as each word is being read. This aids you to recall a memory that you may not have remembered existed until the words are spoken out of your mouth and heard by yourself.

Art Activation
Exploring a suitable method of art looking at colours, shapes, items that will unpack emotions to heal and be restored, from a place of uncertainty to a wealthy and healthy lifestyle.


With the new skills that you develop and practised, you will be able to utilise and make changes  in your business, career or home life, towards a timeline,   lifestyle balance. 


Thriving Professional Development Programme

Bespoke solution based strategies for you the professional towards developing a better lifestyle balance.

The Thriving Professional Programme Lifestyle Transformation.

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