This book is the basis for you to begin the journey of self-discovery to motivate, inspire, encourage and to guide you further to heal and achieve your dreams and begin the road of transformation to a wealthy place of peace.

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This book highlights Doreen’s amazing journey by narrating her inner thoughts in poetic prose. In her writings, she also honours 20 women who have assisted her as she supported them. It is a book that will encourage women to think about their lives, enabling them to inspire and empower themselves and others.
Doreen was very young when she lost her mother and for nearly 45 years she experienced trauma that led to many painful situations. Having cancer led her to retire early from her career. She became an ordained minister as well as a public speaker whilst on the road to recovery. She has supported many females of all ages across diverse backgrounds and cultures who have experienced losing their mother and bridging the generation gap of the missing pieces as they required a mother figure to lean on.
Doreen has survived and thrived through trauma and now wants to help others achieve their freedom towards a healthy, wealthy state of wellbeing to achieve their goals. This book is the first step towards that goal.

About the Author

Doreen lives in the UK and was previously a Senior Manager in the position of Assistant Principal in an academy in London. In the education system, she always strived to educate and empower others in their professional, personal and emotional lives.
In 2008, Doreen was diagnosed with Hodgkinson Lymphoma cancer of the white blood cells.
Whilst recovering from cancer, she suffered from a range of side effects, depression, weight gain, chronic fatigue, early onset of menopause, anxiety, memory fog, and much more. She spent 11 years recovering from the two depleting treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She is the only member of her family who has lived for many years after cancer.
Whilst recovering, Doreen soon discovered that she had to make some changes by moving her thinking from what she once did, to what she would be capable of doing to prepare a new future. She transformed her life by turning her challenging situation into a positive experience.
Doreen reshaped herself with the help of God, using her facilitating, management and supporting skills gained in education, to become an entrepreneur. This includes investing in health and well-being as well other investments, especially in herself. She is the Executive Vice President of GEWS (Global Empowerment woman’s summit elite network club) and club president of two GEWS clubs in the West Midlands. She supports and works closely with the CEO and global club presidents (some of which are founders of non-profit organisations) and their members and she is now a published author.
Doreen is also an ordained minister of education at her church and believes in supporting leaders from all walks of life, encouraging them by speaking empowering words, and helping them towards being successful and leading others to become influential leaders.

What inspired me to write the book


As a child, I loved reading and my favourite book was the famous five written by Enid Blyton. I loved the character George who was a tom boy. I didn’t want to be a boy but desired to be bold and adventurous as far as my mind would allow me to go. I enjoyed reading books but never imagined that I would be a writer.
To be a writer, I believed I had to be special and incredibly intelligent and not make mistakes. I didn’t believe that I would or could ever be in that category as a writer, let alone be a published author. Hence, I just continued to enjoy other peoples books to entertain myself and imagine that I was the writer. Years later that would change.
My inspiration to write a book came weeks after emptying my thoughts onto paper for an event I wanted to set up and help other women to be healed. It was at that point I realised I needed help to bring the vision to fruition. However, I now realise the that wasn’t the vision for that time.
I decided to source assistance from someone I knew, who attended my church that I believed they would help me to get to the next level or stage of my journey. I liked their thinking but deep down I didn’t want to do the work I would be asked to do. I felt stuck but knew there was more in me, and I had to get past that place of discomfort. I am glad that I requested their service and I wasn’t wrong regarding their assistance, because I have now become an published author.
During the mentoring sessions (as more thoughts flowed like a fountain out of my head), I discovered by documenting thoughts that had bothered me from childhood; which at the time I had still viewed from a child’s perspective, I found myself believing that I had been rejected and abandoned by my mother; both when I was five and again when she died. (my mother died when I was 15 so once again I felt she had abandoned me as I believed she had done when I was five years old) it was at that stage my mentor informed me that my story was my book, “Without a mother figure”.
At that stage, I informed my mentor that I enjoyed writing poetry (a gift that I had forgotten about) and I believe that would be a place to begin. To be honest, at that point I wasn’t overly excited but I took on board what was spoken over my life to write a book (I had been told this previously by others and I kept saying to myself I would write a book but didn’t really believe it, I was just following the crowd like a lost sheep).
As the mentoring sessions progressed, I was reminded by my memories that having cancer had taken enormous turmoil in my life. Hence, whilst healing from the side effects of cancer, I rediscovered writing poetry was a useful tool to mentally heal my mind from the damaging impact (the side effects of the cancer medications) that had wrecked havoc inside of my body. It had robbed the way my body once functioned before the treatments invaded my body. Due to these devastating encounters, I was able to write my emotional pains, with the thoughts of words by using a pen to embrace its hold and decorate with words on the white pages of the paper to bring life back into myself.
Back to the book without a mother figure, I didn’t feel that I was ready to write a ‘big book’ whatever a big book looks like.
So I kept in my comfort zone and wrote poems. I remember after a mentoring session in 2019, I wrote 18 poems in a week! My mentor stated “you have started to write your book. I realised I was being healed each time I had a sad memory.” My mentoring sessions ended but I held onto the fact I could help other women with my story.

So I decided I wanted to write 60 poems to celebrate my big birthday in 2020. This would show boldness from my perspective whilst battling with past and present traumas. As I wrote away, I was emptying my thoughts on paper, in words that I wanted to use, in the style that suited me. The many hurts and pains that others had inflicted upon me and how I allowed the words and looks of others to inflict me, impacting many hurts and pains unto myself… my words flowed like a muddy river. Suddenly, I became stuck at poem 40. I thought to myself, “I don’t know what else to write”, I have squeezed out everything to do with most of my lives hurts stemming from not having a mother figure.
Then it dawned on me through the Holy Spirit, write 20 poems of women who have helped and inspired me to get to this stage, and who are also mothers or mother figures themselves.
I began listing women who I knew have experienced traumatic encounters this is not because they all shared their trauma with me, I just know most people have had some form of traumatic experience… some deep emotions they have never shared. I admired them for still moving on to spite it leaving them with scars. The list of women was very long. Therefore, I finally decided to go with the first 20 women that came to my mind and use an acrostic style of poetry which consitist of the use of the letters of the women’s first names to describe how I perceived them as mothers, and mother figures to me and to others.
To give the reader an understanding of how these women effected my life no matter how large or small, I wrote an annex (which was suggested by my project manager) to accompany the poems of each women. I also wanted the reader to feel, experience my gratitude of each women, so that they believed they personally knew each women. So I wrote how I met them and esteemed their strengths and left words of encouragement so that they keep being who they are, and go beyond where they are now to who they could become in the future.
At the same time as writing about these women, I had started a course on how to write a book, the title “Audacious”. The word Audacious had been with me for a year and wouldn’t leave my spirit. I had written Audacious in different places as I knew it accommodated who I was, who I had become, who I always will be. I had become a woman that on many occasions thrived through trauma. However, whilst on the book writing course I kept “Audacious” to myself as I didn’t want to reveal every detail of the title whilst on the course because I wanted to leave an element of surprise for when it was released. Therefore instead of Audacious, I used Thriving Through Trauma which is the subtitle. I publicly released the full title on social media a few days after completing the book writing course.
After the course ended, I came into full recognition that if writing was helping me, then this book could also assist others to begin their journey to be healed and begin to function in who they are meant to be. This would only take place at the right time and in the right season and only if they want change. For change to happen, one must want it so much, that one will do something positive to make it happen.

Therefore, my desire is for every woman or even man (yes men can be assisted with this book) who reads this book will be Audacious, step out of the place of comfort, step into their fear (for a short time), overcome the fear and learn something new, or rediscover the hidden gem and grow. Finally and most importantly, finding the wealth of peace that many are looking for and to help them grow.
Now it’s time for you to make it happen by starting with reading the book Audacious Thriving Through Trauma.
Then contacting me for further assistance though my mentoring program (which is listed below), I look forward to communing with you soon.

What will the book do in the future?

My intention is to further develop and use the book as a tool to mentor, inspire, motivate, encourage others to be bold. I hope to help them heal as well as discover that they too, can achieve their dreams. A percentage from the profits of the books sold and donations from sponsors, will initially sponsor a child in Africa with the charity Compassion UK and eventually anywhere in the world. The aim is to offer support to children that they can be fed, clothed and educated. I hope to help provide them with the tools and resources of various methods which prevent and protect them from mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Doreen is able to provide a range of mentoring packages

Personal development (Package 1)

  • Birth your vision, purpose to reality
  • Prepare a plan of action for personal growth
  • Provide you with thought provoking ideas
  • Assist you to develop your confidence and public speaking skills.
  • Monthly 1:1  minimum support is 3 months
  • Free 30 minute mentoring session.

Writing A Book (Package 2)

  • Prepare a by step plan to write your book
  • Encourage you to create Ideas for your book
  • Where to obtain an editor and proof-reader
  • How to source  back  and front cover designer
  • How to source a formatter
  • Monthly 1:1  support  minimum is 3 months
  • Free 30 minute mentoring session.

Audiobook (Package 3)

  • Prepare you to record  an audio book.
  • Provide useful tips whilst reading
  •  Highlight diction whilst reading
  • How to pace and express yourself when reading
  • Exercise techniques to prepare you for your audiobook
  • Monthly 1:1  support  minimum is 3 months
  • Free 30 minute mentoring session.

Group mentoring will be available in the future at no extra cost when any package is purchased



    Rated 5 out of 5
    November 2, 2020

    An insightful look into what makes us human. A true storyteller who strives to guide others in their own journey. This will forever serve as a reminder that dreams truly do become real.

    Huma Mahmood

    This book is truely Audacious!

    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 17, 2020

    There are so many deep insights within these poems. Doreen has shared a totally transparent exposé on many life experiences and areas of growth which will resonate with all readers whatever their current circumstances. Enjoy!

    Steneth Taylor

    Powerful Read

    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 16, 2020

    I am not used to reading poetry and verse however I’m glad I made the decision to read Doreen’s book! It has been a very insightful and impactful read so far. I started reading it recently and was very moved by its content and stories, highly recommend to everyone!


    Doreen Has been a true insparation to me

    Rated 5 out of 5
    October 12, 2020

    I love Doreen’s book, It has inspired me to keep writing my own books and to heal through my writing. Something I had forgot how to do.

    Pauline Barath

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